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Our interlocking concrete paving stones are made from high-quality concrete products. We offer two distinct options when it comes to how the pavers are constructed, dry-cast and wet-cast. Dry-cast pavers go in a paving stone machine with the color added and then compressed up to around 3,000 psi to make a very durable and beautiful paver. Wet-cast pavers are another style of pavers that we offer. These pavers can more clearly replicates nature designs and textures because the concrete and color are combined in a wet concrete mix and poured into special forms for curing. These pavers have to dry in the forms for about 8hrs which makes a more natural color and appearance, they are smoother and stronger with a tighter surface matrix. Wet-cast pavers are a denser product thus keeping water from absorbing into them which can cause them to break down over time. Regardless of the paver, dry-cast or wet-cast, we install all of our pavers over a gravel base in a layer of bedding sand. Sand is swept into the paver joints from above, and then when the pavers are compacted, the sand settles into the joints from the top and is drawn up from below, making an interlocked, yet flexible surface.

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