Jumbo Nursery Stone Cap

Jumbo Nursery Stone™ cap is a beautiful final finish to a retaining wall project. When it is used with Jumbo Nursery Stone™, it has a slight overhang; when it is used with Jumbo Nursery Stone™ Straight Face, it has a 1″ overhang. Its beveled shape works for both straight lines and for curves with minimal cutting in most circumstances. Its textured face is the perfect companion to the Nursery Stone™ line.


  • Retaining Walls
  • Water Features
  • Stone Planters
  • Garden Walls

nursery pewter 0

Jumbo Nursery Charcoal

Jumbo Nursery Columbia
Columbia Blend

nursery deserttan 0
Desert Tan


  • Standard

Jumbo Nursery Stone cap

Jumbo Cap
  • Dims (in): 17.99″x12.99″x2.99″
  • Dims (mm): 457x330x76mm
  • Lbs/Pcs: 40
  • Pcs/Pallet: 72