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Paver Patio Installer in Tumwater

Sta-Built Construction Offers Paver Patio Installation in Tumwater, Washington

Why Choose Sta-Built Construction for Your Tumwater Paver Patio Installation?

A paver patio can transform your outdoor space into the perfect space to entertain or relax. At Sta-Built Construction we provide our customers with many different paver services. Whether you are looking for a walkway, driveway, firepit, patio or retaining wall; we can help. Our team of experts are capable of helping you with more than just paver projects. We even offer sythetic turf installation! 

If you’re interested in seeing your options, you can view at our massive selection of paver options on our product page. Many of our customers choose pavers instead of concrete because of the styling options and for the ability to create a completely unique outdoor setting. Patio Pavers are available in numerous materials that can be both highly economical and attractive. Sta-Built Construction brings unmatched landscaping expertise to every project, often solving problems in advance that competitors don’t foresee. Most of our Tuwmater clients spend between $8,000 – $25,000 on their paver patio.

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How We Install Our Pavers:

Paver Cross Section

A: Paver Stones

B: Joint Sand Filler

Helps prevent cracks and shifting

C: Crushed Aggregate with Concrete Support Beam

Provides a solid substrate for pavers and drainage

D: Geotextile Fabric

Assists with drainage and soil stability

E: Compacted Sub-Soil

The proper preparation of the site and installation of the patio pavers is imperative to ensure longevity.

Reasons To Work With Sta-Built Construction:

  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau

  • Fully Licensed and Insured

  • Customer Experience App

  • Dedicated Project Management Team

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