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Do you love the beauty and convenience of your artificial turf but worry it needs repairs? If you’re searching for “artificial turf repair near me,” reach out to Sta-Built Construction

As a highly trusted artificial turf installation company in the Pacific Northwest, we are often called to repair turf installation done by other installers we like to call “Two Chucks and a Truck”, said Peter Stadeli – we’ll expertly repair your turf for a competitive price.


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The Need for Turf Repair

Why does artificial turf need repairs? While it’s a durable material, extreme heat and abundant foot traffic can wear down your artificial turf until it no longer looks appealing. Quality and timely repairs keep your yard beautiful and functional.

You can tell your artificial turf needs repairs if you notice the following signs:

  • The fibers are fading or turning brown.
  • The turf stays flat after you walk on it.
  • You see tears, holes, or frayed edges.
  • The surface feels uneven or lumpy.
  • The turf smells bad, which indicates bacteria or mold growth.

Types of Turf Repair Services We Offer

At Sta-Built Construction, we can reliably repair the following issues with your artificial turf.

Worn Turf Replacement

If your turf doesn’t put the same spring in your step as you’re used to, replacing it is often the best option. Depending on the extent of the damage, we can often swap out the affected sections without replacing the entire yard.

Inlay Replacement

The inlay helps weigh down the artificial turf and imparts a realistic look by keeping the blades of grass upright. If the top of your turf looks great but the inlay is faulty, we can focus on repairing that.

Seam Repair

While often nearly invisible, worn seams between sections of turf can ruin the look of your yard and, more importantly, pose a tripping hazard. Let us restore your seams for a flawless yard.

Common Causes of Turf Damage

What are the most common reasons homeowners like you must repair artificial turf?

Improper Installation

The biggest reason we are called out to repair turf yards and putting greens is poor or improper installation from low cost installers. 

Extreme Heat

Extreme heat can wear away the materials used in artificial turf, making it more vulnerable to damage. It can also create uneven surfaces, which poses a tripping hazard.

Freezing Cold

When the temperature drops below freezing, the ice can clog the turf’s drainage system. If you don’t walk carefully on it, it could permanently damage the inlay.

Heavy Foot Traffic

Heavy foot traffic can wear away your turf more quickly than less-traversed sections of your yard. We often replace these sections sooner than the rest of your turf.

Uncleaned Pet Waste

If you don’t quickly wash pet waste from your yard, it can stain the turf and even cause bacteria and mold to grow, giving it a horrid smell.


Driving on your turf ensures it wears out and prevents your grass from bouncing back and looking realistic.

Artificial Turf Repair Cost and Factors Affecting It

What will you pay to repair your artificial turf? Many companies charge by the square foot, so the price you’ll pay depends on several factors, including:

  • Type of Service: Replacing a section of turf will cost more than repairing the inlay or seam.
  • Severity of Damage: The more damage your turf has, the more work and materials you’ll require, which means you pay more.
  • Turf Type: You’ll pay more to replace and repair higher-quality types of turf. By the same token, higher quality also means less frequent repairs.
  • Time of Year: You’ll experience higher costs to repair your artificial turf during the busiest times of year, such as summer.

Our Turf Repair Process

What happens when you hire Sta-Built Construction to repair artificial turf? Our process is as follows.

Inspection To Detect Wear, Tears, or Seam Issues

We’ll meticulously inspect your artificial turf to find every instance of damage and help you understand the extent of the repairs and the cost.

Repairing and Patching Damaged Sections

We diligently repair and patch any damaged sections to restore full functionality to your turf. For more severe damage or larger sections, we may advise you to replace pieces of the turf rather than repair them.

Ensuring a Seamless and Vibrant Turf Surface 

Repairing the damage on your turf is only half the equation; it should also look great! We spend time confirming your turf doesn’t show any seams and looks like real, healthy grass.

Benefits of Turf Repair Services

What are the benefits of using Sta-Built Construction to repair your artificial turf? In addition to a yard that looks beautiful and functions great, you gain the following advantages:

  • You’ll feel surprised at how competitive we keep our prices considering the quality of our work.
  • We provide a 15-year workmanship warranty on all our craftmanship, so if we do anything wrong, you won’t pay for it.
  • If you need new turf, we offer free artificial turf installation estimates.
  • With our easy financing options, you won’t feel forced to choose between quality and affordability.
  • We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and all our technicians are licensed and insured.
  • Our customer experience app offers a stress-free and convenient way to help us meet all your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Artificial Turf Repair Services

Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive about artificial turf repair.

How Long Does Artificial Turf Last?

Artificial turf should last between eight and 10 years, depending on weather, foot traffic levels, and how frequently you clean it.

What Is Turf Filler?

Turf filler is a form of granular material that technicians apply between the blades of grass. It helps provide stability, cushions the turf, and improves drainage.

Is Artificial Turf High Maintenance?

Artificial turf is not high maintenance. You should hose it down occasionally, especially if you have a pet, but it requires little else.

Sta-Built Construction Can Repair Your Turf

If you’re looking for “artificial turf repair near me,” you won’t find a more reliable and competitively priced turf repair company than Sta-Built Construction. With qualified and experienced technicians and cutting-edge methods, we’ll leave your yard looking great every time.

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