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Shop for New GMG Grills and Accessories now. Check out the GMG Prime Plus and experience the new backyard standard in pellet grilling! WiFi Smart control, rotisserie enabled, 12V direct power, the list goes on…

Grill Smarter & Eat Better! Control and monitor your bbq with GMG Smart Control. Mastering your backyard bbq has never been easier!

Try Rotisserie Smoking! Rotisserie BBQ doesn’t get any better than over a wood fire! Fire up everything from chickens, prime rib, pork roasts, to leg of lamb. The options are endless with Green Mountain Grills.

Ledge Prime Plus Grill

Ledge SS Prime Plus Grill

Peak Prime Plus Grill

Peak SS Prime Plus Grill

Daniel Boone Choice Grill

Trek Prime Grill

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