Our Synthetic Grass has the rich look of real grass, it is environmentally-friendly, and has been designed to stand up to the ever-changing climate of the Pacific Northwest. The use of breakthrough materials and processes in manufacturing ensures it will look and feel just as realistic and beautiful for years to come.

The level of maintenance of a yard can make all the difference when it comes to how it looks and how clean it is. The fact is that maintaining a lawn takes a significant amount of time and effort. With our synthetic lawns be assured that the maintenance required is far less than with a conventional yard and is much safer.

Our synthetic grass will always have the fresh cut look . . . even in the winter. It is the ultimate way to enjoy a great looking yard without the regular maintenance. This grass requires no water, chemicals, fertilizers or insecticides and is great for pets. Furthermore, our synthetic products are anti-microbial so there is never a worry about harmful bacteria building up or allergic reactions caused by the grass.

Bent Grass 30 Turf

DuraBlade 65 Turf

Durablade 95 Turf

Durablade Sport Turf

Everblade 50 Turf

Everblade 80 Turf

Pet Pro Fringe Turf

Rymar 51 Turf

Rymar 81 Turf

Rymar Pro Putt Turf

Versablade Sport

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