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A retaining wall is a beautiful addition to any yard that helps protect it from the heavy rains of the Pacific Northwest. When you need retaining wall repair you can rely on to safeguard your investment, trust the team at Sta-Built Construction

We repair retaining walls using fundamental engineering methods and extensive experience, all while offering competitive prices. From concrete to wood retaining wall repair, we do it all.

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When To Repair a Retaining Wall

If you’re searching for “retaining wall repair near me,” you probably already know you need help. But some signs are subtler than others, so look for the following indicators you need repairs:

  • Tilting or bulging
  • Cracking or crumbling 
  • Drainage problems
  • Soil movement or erosion

If you notice any of the above, call for leaning retaining wall repair.

“Most customers who call us to help repair their retaining wall(s) end up needing to replace them in some form or another”, says Ben Stadeli – Director of Construction at StaBuilt.

Types of Retaining Wall Repair Options We Offer

We offer the following railroad tie retaining wall repair and concrete retaining wall repair methods.

Helical Anchors

These sturdy horizontal rods reinforce a bulging or slanting wall, and we can install them efficiently and affordably.  

Wall Plate Anchors

Wall plate anchors attach to the wall via a metal plate. We then thread a rod through the wall and connect it to an anchor on the other side. This method is effective for all sizes of retaining walls.

Polyurethane Method

If you’re searching for “retaining wall repair contractors near me,” find one who uses polyurethane to fix cracks and drainage issues. The method injects foam into the wall’s cracks to fix some of the most severe issues.

Epoxy Resin Injection

Like the polyurethane method for retaining wall crack repair, an epoxy resin injection can strengthen a wall, though it’s best suited for a dry environment.

Common Causes of Retaining Wall Failures

Why might someone like you need retaining wall repair? We’ll discuss some of the most common reasons below.

Expansive Soil

Expanding soil is a major problem, especially in areas with high concentrations of clay. In seasons with more moisture, the soil expands, shifting the wall. As the soil dries, it contracts, further destabilizing the structure.

Erosion-Prone Soil

You’ll likely need leaning retaining wall repair if you have soil prone to erosion. The Pacific Northwest experiences significant soil erosion because of the high winds and rains, but we can help fortify your retainer wall against them.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure refers to the force water exerts on a structure and is a major cause of retaining wall damage. If you see a bulge in your wall, water pressure is the most likely cause.

No Weep Holes

If you’re searching for “retaining wall repair companies near me,” see whether your wall has weep holes. Without such drainage additions, the wall can’t rid itself of water.

No Drain Tile System

If your wall has no weep holes, it should have a drain tile system to avoid water causing it to bulge. A lack of drainage is a leading cause of retainer wall damage.

No Rebar for Reinforcement

If you don’t have properly installed rebars, you’ll find yourself needing cracked retaining wall repair services more often. Without the proper rebars, you might also see the wall bulge or tilt.

Retaining Wall Repair Cost and Factors Affecting It

What is the average cost to repair retaining walls? Expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $1,500, though the following factors will affect the final price:

  • Type and severity of damage
  • Retaining wall material
  • Complexity of your property’s terrain
  • Number of people required to complete the job

At Sta-Built Construction, we always offer competitive prices.

Our Retaining Wall Repair Process

What happens when you hire Sta-Built Construction to repair your retaining wall? Our process is as follows:

Assessing the Wall’s Structural Integrity

We start by inspecting the wall for damage and determining the best way of restoring its structural integrity.

Repairing Damage 

We repair any damage using one of our reliable methods, such as polyurethane injection.

Reinforcing Weak Sections 

If we identify weak sections, we’ll reinforce them with helical anchors or a wall plate.

Restoring Its Aesthetic Appeal

Your wall’s aesthetic appeal is as important as its function, so when we fix the structural issues, we make it look almost new.

Benefits of Retaining Wall Repair Services

If you’re looking for the best before-and-after results, you’ll gain the following benefits when you work with Sta-Built Construction:

  • You’ll always receive a high level of service for a competitive price.
  • We grant a 15-year workmanship warranty on our work
  • You can use our easy financing options to help you afford repair services.
  • Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau confirms we’re reliable.
  • We’re fully licensed and insured, so you’ll face zero risk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Retaining Wall Repair Services

Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive about retaining wall repairs.

Can You Repair a Leaning Retaining Wall?

You can repair a leaning retaining wall with reinforcing walls or plates. It’s complicated and dangerous work, so never do it yourself.

What Is the Solution for Retaining Wall Failure?

The solution for retaining wall failure includes repairing the damage with polyurethane or epoxy injections and reinforcing the wall’s structural integrity.

What Is the Lifespan of a Retaining Wall?

The lifespan of a retaining wall depends on the type of material you constructed it from, the quality of the installation, and the harshness of your environment. While timber walls last 10 to 15 years, concrete walls can last up to 50.

Should I Repair or Replace My Retaining Wall?

If you see damage, such as cracks, bulges, or crumbling, you should repair or replace your retaining wall. Whether you need repairs or replacement depends on the severity of the damage and the wall’s age.

Let Sta-Built Construction Service Your Retaining Wall

You won’t find a better partner than Sta-Built Construction for expert retaining wall repair services. With qualified professionals, reliable techniques, and high-quality materials, you’ll love how good we make your retaining wall look.

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