Small Backyard Turf Ideas and Its Benefits

Do you have a small backyard but are unsure which backyard design ideas suit the space best? Landscaping a backyard is an excellent way to improve the look and functionality of an outdoor space. Still, finding the right backyard designs for a small area can be tough, especially if you don’t want to waste time and energy providing routine lawn care.

Artificial turf for backyard spaces is a great way to enhance outdoor living spaces without the fuss of living grass. Keep reading and draw inspiration from the top small backyard turf ideas to use for your home.

What Is Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf or synthetic grass is a human-made material consisting of polyethylene and polypropylene that replicates the look of natural grass. The turf has synthetic grass blades at varying pile heights and a construction similar to carpeting. Manufacturers stitch the blades onto a solid backing and use rubber granules and silica to keep the artificial blades upright. 

Despite being artificial, many property owners are turning to turf to fulfill their backyard landscaping ideas. The modern version of the material is high-quality and realistic-looking. 

Small Backyard Turf Ideas

Small Backyard Turf Ideas

Small backyard turf ideas can be limitless with the right amount of creativity. Here are the top ideas to consider when you’re ready to transform your outdoor living space. 

Personal Backyard Dog Park

If you have a dog, it’ll need lots of room for exercise and outdoor relaxation. Installing synthetic grass in your backyard is perfect for your furry companion, thanks to its durability. It can hold up well to pet urine, foot traffic, and holes your pet might try to dig.

By transforming your yard into a miniature dog park with synthetic turf, you can maintain your lawn’s appearance while creating a safe and enjoyable space for your pet to roam, play, and do their business. This type of turf offers good drainage, and you install a pre-treated variety to resist unwanted pet odors. 

Putting Green

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or new to the game, having a putting green in your backyard is a fun way to incorporate fun into your outdoor living space. This is one of the small backyard turf ideas that works well for a boxy yard or one with a long, narrow space. 

Children’s Play Area

Foot traffic from young children frequently playing in a yard with natural grass could leave the space with mud spots, brown grass, and bald patches. These changes can seriously affect the yard’s visual appeal, leading to additional lawn maintenance and upkeep.

Thankfully, you can keep a stunning backyard that’s safe for your children to run and play by installing synthetic turf. The material is durable enough to withstand the foot traffic. Consider creating a designated play area with the turf featuring a swing set, picnic table, or collection of outdoor games.

Paver Borders

Tile, slate, and concrete pavers can give the property a sense of texture and dimension when grass grows from the spaces between the pavers. Unfortunately, caring for thin patches of grass can be cumbersome, especially after factoring in weed and pest control.

Still, you can achieve the carefully cultivated appearance of landscaping pavers by using artificial grass instead of real grass. Your yard will maintain a neat, aesthetically pleasing appearance throughout the year. 

Grassy Pool Surround

Sometimes, the addition of an inground pool restricts how much usable space is left in a backyard. Using turf as a backyard pool surround is a great way to incorporate greenery into the yard and enhance the water feature’s attractiveness. 

This type of backyard design offers several benefits. First, it eliminates the risk of muddy tracks around the pool because the turf will sit above the soil. Second, the material is slip-resistant, making it safe to walk around the pool area after swimming. 

Planter Garden Backdrop

Despite loving gardening or flowers, not everyone likes mowing, watering, and maintaining grass. Still, the vibrancy of green grass makes gardens stand out more. 

Get the look you want with a synthetic lawn as a backdrop for your plants and flowers. For easy gardening, use decorative garden planters for live plants. You can easily adjust their arrangement over the turf without needing to dig through the soil. 

Benefits of Synthetic Turf in Backyard Landscaping

When implementing turf-related landscaping ideas for backyards into your property, knowing the material’s benefits is necessary. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the non-existent need for lawn care like grass mowing and watering. Artificial turf can give your yard a vibrant, lush, and natural appearance without the typical maintenance and upkeep of a lawn with real grass. 

Other Benefits of Synthetic Turf Include:

  • Long-Lifespan With Low-Maintenance: Unlike real grass, synthetic turf will never turn brown and die. Quality synthetic lawns will always stay green without developing unsightly brown spots. 
  • Time-Saving: Since you don’t have to water or mow a synthetic lawn, you can spend the time you’d otherwise reserve for lawn care on other activities. 
  • No Need for Chemical Treatments: A downside of natural grass is the occasional need for pesticides to eliminate weeds and pest infestations. However, these chemical treatments are unnecessary for artificial turf because weeds and insects in your backyard will decline. 
  • Water Conservation: Synthetic grass doesn’t need watering. You can conserve water since you won’t need it to maintain most, if not all, of your landscape. This benefit can also lead to lower water bills. 
  • Safe for Children and Pets: You can be confident that your children and pets can play on your backyard’s synthetic turf without worrying over mud puddles or grass stains on clothing.


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