Top 10 Firepit Patio Ideas

A firepit patio is an outdoor space with a firepit as the main attraction. Think about those weekend or late evening BBQs, s’mores, and calming drinks. Is it any surprise that a patio with a firepit tops the list for transforming outdoor spaces and making them more relaxing? 

Are you considering installing a firepit in your yard? These inspiring firepit patio ideas from Sta-Built Construction’s firepit installation experts could help you get it just right.

The Need for Firepit Patios

There are countless reasons to own a firepit patio, including the following:

  • Bring Family and Friends Closer. Who doesn’t love the warmth of open fires? A firepit patio is a sure way to make game nights more fun and keep the visit going.
  • Improve your Property’s Curb Appeal. Even when you are not using your firepit patio, it still looks great just standing there if you choose a style that complements the rest of your landscaping.
  • Make Outdoor Time More Relaxing. Cutting your time outdoors short to escape the mosquitoes can be annoying. A firepit burning softwood might keep them away!
  • Help your Home Stand Out. Do you intend to put your home on the market in the coming years? A firepit patio will make it stand out from other listings in the area and maybe even increase your asking price.
Firepit Patio Ideas

The Top Patio With Firepit Ideas For More From Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

If you’d like to make the most of that new firepit you’re putting in, here are ten great ideas to consider.

#1 The Outdoor Room

Give your firepit patio an edge by customizing it to look like an indoor space but under the sun. 

One way to achieve this is by making the firepit the centerpiece and surrounding it with plush seating and a dining area. Throw some natural greenery into the mix to make the firepit patio blend into the background better.

#2 The Sunken Firepit

A sunken firepit patio is an excellent choice if you want to go the minimalist route. From the outside, all anyone will see is a stylish patio. Upon closer inspection, they’ll find a warm surprise that’s inviting on a cool evening for some time under the stars.

The sunken firepit patio idea works best with contemporary architecture. That’s the only way to ensure the rectangular pavers, geometric seating, and rounded patio edges don’t look out of place.

#3 The Built-In Seating Firepit Patio

This option is great if you love rustic patio ideas with firepit centerpieces. Picture a patio featuring a sort of retaining wall with seating around a firepit. Throw in a few throw pillows and bright curtains, and you have a little slice of a Mediterranean getaway right in your backyard.

#4 The Maxi Warm Patio

If yours is already cozy enough, you may not feel the need to explore more firepit patio ideas. However, you could create the perfect outdoor space for year-round fun by embracing a blanket and rug-heavy décor. 

Chunky knitted blankets and thick rugs texturize seating areas and provide better warmth on colder days of the year. When the weather warms up, you can neatly fold the blankets away and convert them into accessories.

#5 The Ultra Sleek, Modern Firepit Patio

When the conversation is about firepit patio ideas, most people instinctively think about a rustic look. However, it’s still possible to find a perfect firepit patio design for modern or industrial architectural themes.

For example, you could embrace a low-profile rectangular patio design with a flat firepit and modern chairs and side tables around it. The result will be an exquisite relaxation space that doesn’t add visual clutter.

#6 The Portable Firepit Patio

When looking at firepit ideas, it’s easy to only think about options where the firepit is static and a focal point. 

However, if you value flexibility, try a patio with firepit components that are portable. That way, you can condense or expand the patio space as you deem fit.

#7 The Playful Patio Designs With Firepit Flair

Most lookbooks on patio designs with firepit additions will suggest matching décor and accessories to the exterior of your home and surrounding landscape. However, nothing says you can’t break out of the mold!

If you want a concrete firepit, pink cushions, and colorful throws, go for it. Give your outdoor space a look like something out of Hollywood if that’s your thing.

#8 The Adventure Lover’s Firepit Patio

Do you love the feeling of camping with firepits between trees? You can replicate that look if you have a green backyard. 

Stone firepit patio ideas work well in the middle of a wood-heavy patio. Throw in some Adirondack chairs and enjoy an adventure every day.

#9 The Family Firepit Patio

A standard patio featuring a firepit can be family-friendly, too. All you need is a wide ledge that creates a natural barrier between the fire and the fingers of younger children. 

Later, the ledge becomes the perfect seat for marshmallow roasting for older children or the young at heart.

#10 The Watery Adventure

The final idea for your new firepit patio design is to partner the pit with the pool. 

Why not install a gravel floor patio with a firepit at the center? Surround the firepit with wooden chairs, and you’ll have a picturesque but functional finish for your swimming pool area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)—Firepit Patio

Will My Firepit Get Hot?

Yes, your outdoor firepit will get hot. Temperatures can reach 1400 degrees, depending on the fuel source.

Do I Need a Barrier Under My Firepit?

Yes, you need a barrier under your firepit if you want to protect the surface underneath and contain the heat safely.

Can I Put My Firepit on the Grass?

No, you shouldn’t put your firepit directly onto the grass. For safety reasons, you should have a firepit mat, pavers, or bricks between the grass and the flames.

Your Favorite Patio Ideas With Firepit Installations From Sta-Built Construction

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