Top Reasons to choose Synthetic Turf

Top Reasons to Choose Synthetic Turf Over a Normal Grass Lawn

As a homeowner, your lawn is a sense a pride for you. That means that it makes it important to make the best decision for how to create the lawn of your dreams. You have options other than just seeding and hoping for the best. Instead of choosing a normal grass lawn, why not consider choosing synthetic turf instead? By reading this article, you can learn some of the top reasons why you should be choosing synthetic turf over the typical grass lawn people usually go for.

Synthetic Turf Offers Longevity

Natural grass requires a lot of maintenance if you are going to keep it looking great for a long time. However, things happen. Maybe the weather is so hot or too wet that it ruins your natural grass. This isn’t an issue that you worry about so much with synthetic turf. Synthetic turf can look great for up to 15 years with proper maintenance. This is a durable option that can look great for years to come consistently, rather than having some good years and some bad years with your natural grass.

Synthetic Turf in Olympia Washington Yard

Works in Any Climate

Depending on where you live, you will likely want to consider synthetic turf over natural grass anyways. It’s hard to keep grass looking great in hot areas, which is why these areas tend to prefer synthetic turf anyways. No matter which type of climate you live in, you can really enjoy the amazing look of synthetic grass. Natural grass tends to be picky about where it will do well, leaving you with patchy spots that look unappealing. When you have real grass you also have to worry about killing weeds. This is one area where synthetic turf really shines.

Most Cost-Effective Choice

Installing synthetic turf can make people hesitant when they see the upfront costs. But what people often don’t consider is the long-term savings that you can enjoy when you choose synthetic grass. To properly maintain the grass, you need to regularly water it, mow it, and even pay for treatments like seeding and weed killing. These are essential investments that you need to make to keep your lawn looking as great as possible, and it may not even be enough. The costs of regularly maintaining your natural grass lawn can really add up, making it the most expensive option without any guarantee the time and money will pay off.

Synthetic Turf is the Greener Choice

Not only can you guarantee a green lawn with synthetic turf, but this is also the more eco-friendly option. Natural grass requires a lot of resources to grow, and these resources can have a significant impact on the environment. You need to use gas for mowing the lawn, water for hydrating the lawn, and chemicals that can have an effect on the environment.

You can Get Creative with Turf

Synthetic turf opens up a lot of creative options for your outdoor space. You can install unique designs around your outdoor elements or even put in a synthetic putting green to practice your golf game.


As you can see, synthetic turf can be a much better choice for your lawn than choosing natural grass lawn. Synthetic turf will last you longer and look better all the time with minimal effort. All you need to do is regularly pick up the debris and raking the fibers to keep it looking great.

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