Water Features

Water Feature Installation in the Pacific Northwest

Serving the I-5 Corridor from Seattle to Portland.

Is a Water Feature the Right Choice for Your Home?

Ponds, fountains, and waterfalls are all pieces of art that can be completely customized. These features can be large or small. Creating a backyard water feature will beckon wildlife- from songbirds to foxes-to your landscape and provide a valuable water source for the creatures. Adding a fountain to your garden will keep a smile on your face all day as you sit by the musical moving water. 

How Much Does a Water Feature Cost?

Water features vary in cost but most of our clients spend between $3500 to $12,000. These water features can quickly go up and price from here depending on the design. 

How Much Maintenance Do Water Features Require?

Routine inspection and cleaning by knowledgeable landscape technicians is required to ensure the proper functioning of your pumping and filtration equipment. And if one of your water features is a koi pond, that expert care can be critical to the health and longevity of your pond fish. Basic water feature maintenance means keeping the water clean, clear, and free of organic debris. Also, water levels must be monitored because water evaporates or splashes out. This can be accomplished manually or by installing an autofill device. Fill out our contact form for your Water Feature quote or call 360-388-0533

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