Outdoor Spaces for Small Yards

Outdoor Living Space Tips for Small Yards

In Washington, the average backyard size is around 8500 square feet which means you may have a yard bigger than this but more than likely you are reading this article because your yard is smaller. This does not mean you can not make your yard beautiful! This means we just have to be creative with space so that your yard comes alive!

Find your space

Pick out a place in your yard that you can imagine spending time with friends and relaxing after work. This place should be close enough that you can get in and out of your house easily without a lot of effort. Just think if you are taking food in and out you do not want to have to walk a long distance. You also want to make sure this place is also private enough but privacy can be creatively made with living walls, accent walls, hedges, fences, and furniture.

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Give Your Self Split Levels

Another effective way to make the outdoor room feel more spacious is to create different levels. Create a deck with multiple levels in varying shades of the same color to provide both unity and individuality. The only limit is your imagination. Who says you cannot utilize a small yard in this manner? Who says a small yard is boring and lifeless? There are many different directions you can go with a small yard and this is just one of them.

Install Accents

Instead of attracting your attention to the small space, take your vision to the creation of this space with accents like a trellis, arbor, or small waterfall. This takes the eye to specific focal points and gets you lost in the surrounded beauty.

Cut the Clutter

Like any well-thought-out space, the clutter belongs at Grandma’s place. This doesn’t mean her place is ugly it just means she is grandma. You can do things like using a few large containers instead of many smaller ones. Keep your borders seamless and the same color if you are installing pavers. Also, you need to be careful that you do not overcrowd the space with furniture.

Multifunctional Furniture

Speaking of furniture, try to think ahead to when you are using this space and imagine your guest. What does this look like? You can then figure out what furniture you may need and what can be doubled up. For example -the small wall that was used to keep the hillside off of your property could have a cap installed on it and then be used as a seat-bench.

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Add Lighting

Another way to make the outdoor room in a small yard feel more spacious is by playing with light and color. Stick to a couple of bright colors for furniture and containers for a cheerful outdoor space that does not seem cramped. In the evenings add muted lights from candles and solar lights to create the right ambiance for your needs.

Hire A Professional

It is always best to consult someone that has experience in doing this every day. After all, you want your project to look great right? Check here for a Free Estimate!

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