Does Synthetic Turf Last?

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably tired of maintaining a lawn with real grass. Who can blame you? Depending on where you live, caring for real grass can be perfectly impractical, especially if you live in the desert. Water costs, installation costs, maintenance costs, pet messes, grass-killing/eating pests such as grubs, and uprooting by rough wear and tear don’t seem to make it worth it. 

What is Synthetic Turf?Synthetic Turf in Olympia Washington Yard

Fake grass, synthetic turf, or artificial grass, is a form of lawn that imitates grass in appearance but does not require the same level of maintenance. Since its conception, it’s no longer a tacky carpet. Now, there are at least 30 unique styles of synthetic lawn you can choose from. There are three types of synthetic lawns based on what the blades are made out of: nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene. 

  • Nylon is the most expensive fiber as it’s the best at maintaining its shape, is the most durable, won’t fade, and won’t get torn up with rough play or heavy foot traffic. 
  • Polyethylene, while not as durable as Nylon, is a realistic-looking fiber and quite soft. It’s often blended with nylon as a second layer to increase durability, and since it’s waterproof, it’s the prime choice for those with pets. 
  • Polypropylene is the inexpensive option. It’s the thinnest, but also the softest and most realistic-looking. It’s great at being waterproof but is the least durable. 

There are many blends of these three types to get the benefits of each. Rest assured that synthetic turf was made to be exceedingly more durable than natural lawn. 

How long does turf last?

The quality of the turf will affect the lifespan, and consequently, the amount of traffic and wear it goes through. However, even with the least durable fibers, the average lifespan of artificial grass is between 15-20 years. There is basic maintenance an artificial lawn needs, such as white sand that blocks UV radiation from the sun to help it keep its original healthy appearance. Your installation expert can tell you how long your chosen lawn is likely to last. 

Installationsynthetic turf golf putting green builder installer

When it comes to installation, the best option is to leave it to the professionals. It is a fairly easy project, but hiring a professional like Sta-Built Construction will ensure the results look more natural, cut to fit your yard perfectly, and spares you from doing the excavation to make way for the anti-weed layer and from lugging around the heavy bags of sand used to protect the turf. 

In short, synthetic grass is a very practical solution for those who can’t maintain real grass or who know their lawn will endure tough conditions such as athletes or frequent heat. Although the installation cost is greater than for sod, it will quickly bring a ROI (return on investment) with very little maintenance costs. Happy landscaping!

How to Hire a Professional

It is always best to consult someone that has experience in doing this every day. After all, you want your project to look great right? Check here for a Free Estimate!

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