How to Prevent Weeds From Growing in Your Paver Patio

There’s really nothing that can drive us off the short cliff of insane rage like investing in paver patio materials and labor to create a beautiful patio to enjoy and find weeds before the next season. There has to be a way to keep weeds from ever appearing, or at least keep them from growing for as long as humanly possible.

We hear you! That’s why we’ve come up with a short list of four ways you can prevent weeds from sprouting rather than just treating the issue for one summer.  

Lay Down a Tarp or Weed Barrier 

Before actually laying down the pavers, you can line the bottom of the patio with weed barriers to prevent weeds from growing up from the ground and through the pavers. Weed barriers are tarp-like landscape fabrics that allow you to protect your patios, walkways, and landscaping without being an eyesore.

Sweep Regularly

More often than not, your weed problem comes from around your patio rather than from underneath. During the early spring and all through the summer, the seeds of various weeds are shed and ride the winds far and wide to settle in between your patio pavers. However, sweeping regularly, and especially sweeping between the pavers, will prevent the seeds from having the time to take root and sprout. It’s much easier for weeds to take root if dirt has enough time to accumulate in those cracks. You could also speed up the process with a leaf blower. Sweeping is important regardless if you have a 20×20 paver patio, or a smaller area to maintain.

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weeds growing in paver patio cracks
Multi color paver patio design

Apply a Patio Sealant

Naturally, in our busy world, you’re not going to be able to sweep all of the time, so it will be possible a couple of weeds can still weasel their way through. However, after clearing out the cracks between your pavers, you can follow up with a patio sealant. These sealers act like liquid mortar. Once you get the liquid in the cracks the sealant will harden to prevent weeds from coming up from underneath. 

Use Polymeric Joint Sand

Finally, using polymeric sand for all of the joints in your patio is possibly the most effective way to prevent weeds from sprouting there. Polymeric sand is a mixture of fine sand and polymer beads that is swept into all the crevices in your patio. When watered, the polymer beads will activate and bind the mixture together all throughout the joints, filling them up with a sturdy composite. With the sand, you protect your patio from weeds trying to invade in every direction. They can’t grow up through the sand and they have no cracks to hide from the wind or scorching sun. 


So don’t despair, fellow homeowners! We do have some options in our arsenal that will keep back this suburban menace. We’ve had years of experience handling all sorts of weeds, so you can be sure we’ll have an answer for you. 

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